What to Expect from a Studio fit 2533 Barre Classes?

Barre Classes

Barre classes are the latest and fastest growing interest in the fitness industry today.

Barre classes are suitable for all levels of fitness. Studio fit 2533 is offering a variety of classes which include traditional barre classes as well as other classes. The format varies from class to class. Whether you like to dance or are a boot camp fan, there will be something to suit you.

Our Classes


Classes will be modified to suit the everyday person who would like to take part in the workout.

This class will not have the balletic or dance aspect of the dance barre workout, it will however, be a dynamic workout incorporating strength conditioning and cardio.

It will not disappoint.


This class will suit those who like the dance and the core strength aspect of barre classes.

You do not have to have dance experience to enjoy the benefits, the emphasis is on fun while working out.

You will enjoy a combination of Strength work (with resistance bands) using balletic and core strength components, as well as stretching to maintain flexibility and mobility.


This class is a hard cardiovascular workout with strength components.

You can expect to use resistance bands. There will be cardio moves such as burpies, mountain climbs and jump lunges.

If you are looking for a tough 45 minute class that will get your blood pumping and make you sweat up a storm…. This is for you. Multi levels are offered in order for you to build up your fitness.

You do not have to be crazy fit to start but you do need to be physically injury free with a desire to build up a sweat.


This class is done entirely on the mat. It is a conditioning class focusing on body and core strength.

Resistance bands, balls and small hand weights may be used


The stretch class is suitable for all levels and your entire body will be stretched.Feel the stress from your shoulders and neck melt away and ease back stress/pain.

Improve your flexibility and mobility in your everyday life. You can expect to improve your golf swing, tie your shoe laces with ease or simply just be able to touch your toes at last.

The stretch class will also include neural stretches, this increases the blood flow to the parts of your body that carry tension.


This is a 70+ class designed to get you moving. A gentle class working on strengthening both muscles and bones. Increasing blood flow, improving balance and day to day mobility and flexibility. Exercise has proven positive effects on the heart and can help conditions such as diabetes, depression and improve or maintain cognitive skills .Come along and join in the class that will take you through a few simple dance steps. There is a ballet barre to hold on to if necessary and as much individual attention that you need.


A resistance training workout using resistance bands. This workout will focus on conditioning and toning the muscles of the entire body.


A tough high energy class that will challenge you. Expect to do some resistance work, boxing and karate moves.

If you like a fun but hard workout that will sculpt your entire body, this is for you. You will master your technique to achieve ultimate fitness and strength.

Taught by our reigning GKR Karate Womens Champion Dee Lancaster. She will inspire and motivate you. You will surprise yourself.


A class that will be a combination of the other fitness classes. It may include mat work or the step.

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