What to Wear to Barre?

Normal comfortable training gear is to be worn in all classes.

Shoes: Trainers are to be worn in classes besides the Dance/Pilates Barre and Stretch classes, where you will have bare feet or dancing shoes.

Studio Etiquette

Please make sure that you arrive 5 mins before your class. PLEASE do not be late. If you are late and there is someone hoping to get into the class that has not booked, your spot will be filled.

If you intend to use the booking sheets for classes (instead of the internet or SMS), please arrive 10 mins before the class to ensure you are able to complete the bookings before your class starts.

Please be sure to bring a small sweat towel and water to the class. There is a basin where you are able to refill if necessary.

There will be 10 – 15 mins between classes, please wait quietly outside if the class before yours is still in progress.

Please read our 12 hour cancellation policy.

$5 of every cancellation fee will be given to the RSPCA. You will have the opportunity to be exempt of the fee if you throw a bullseye on our dartboard.